Modern Love in India

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When I went back to follow up on an article I wrote for Mindfood in 2010 (Romance in Rajasthan) about arranged marriage, I thought I would be writing a negative story, of rivalry between mother in-laws and the new modern India woman. But what I found was little abuse, and a lot of cooperation- that the mother in-law took a huge burden off the working mother, and that a mother does not raise her child alone but shares that honour with generations and extended family.
If I looked hard, I could find cases of daughter in-law abusing mother in-laws and vice versa (often in lower casts and villages where the girl didn’t work and have the respect of contributing to the household or in cases when drug addiction or arguments of inheritance were involved). I had to face facts, among the growing Indian middle class and educated working women, these kinds of abuses are neliglible, and so I rewrote my premise…Modern Love p1


For GeoChic ‘Love, Fairness & the Mexican Telenovela’

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For Geo Chic magazine, an overview and analysis of the world of Mexican telenovelas

Mexican telenovelas reach more people around the world than the highest rating US television drama or sit com, and they play a more important role in their viewers’ lives.

Should the English speaking world should pay respect to the melodramatic world of the Mexican and Latin telenovela? Click here to go through to the article for GeoChic magazine.

Novel: The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger


New Cover Usab & Roger (1)A fairy tale in the spirit of Princess Bride that turns into a tale of friendships, an Odyssey through weird worlds offering political satire and pop culture and above all an old fashioned romance. Now available in paperback (ISBN 978-0-9924661-5-2) in all good bookstores as well as Amazon.

For Private Air Magazine: The Modern Visual Vocabulary of Aboriginal Artists for Private Air Magazine NYC

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Private Air magazine Febuary 2015

The Modern Visual Vocabulary of Aboriginal Artists

Groundbreaking contemporary Australian Aboriginal artworks from the Scholl Collection and the No Boundary exhibition will tour select US institutions in 2015. 

The last century has been an extraordinary time of experimentation and innovation for Aboriginal art as some highly knowledgeable traditional Aborigines began turning to contemporary art. The artist all picked up a modern paint brush late in life after decades of honing their skills and visions on sacred ceremonial art for their varied and remote clans from Central, Northern and Western Australia. It is this background that separates them from other abstract artists working around the world.

For the full article download a digital copy of Private Air Magazine.

For Lone Wolf Magazine: Santa Cruz de Mompos

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A true story about living in the sultry Colombian town that inspired Gabriel Garcia Marquez and how the truth is queerer than his fiction when it comes to the myths, legends and romantic trysts of its  isolated and supersitious people..

For Australian Traveller Magazine: Silver Lining- the story of jewellery makers in Mompos Colombia

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Mompox Silver Lining, Australian Traveller Magazine, Summer 2014

On a remote island in the grand river system of Colombia, Mompos was once one of the most important towns in South America and the inspiration of writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Today, the sleepy town of grand but crumbling buildings is almost forgotten by even its own country. But in this isolated environment the humblest of artistans still practice the ancient art of filigrana, producing intricate and stunning pieces.

For Wild Magazine New York : English Men in New York (photographers Norman Parkinson & David Bailey)

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Norman Parkinson in New York

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s eyes. In 1940s British photographer Norman Parkinson began taking assignments in New York for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The 6’ 6 aristocratic eccentric juxtaposed fashion silhouettes against the New York skyline with grandeur but gradually began breaking away from poised to show cheek and a tell story in a single frame. His New York women actually moved and laughed, but remained elegant.

12 years later another revolutionary Londoner swept in. David Bailey was short, working class and part of a new generation. Vogue UK was looking to cash in on the swinging 60s and took a chance on him

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For Film Annex: Behind Every Great Director

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Anna Paquin and Holly Hunter in the Piano

Google “Women directors who have won Oscars” and you’ll come up with listings that read “Women directors who should have won Oscars”. Further down the listing are articles on Kathryn Bigelow’s snub in 2013 after winning in 2010 for The Hurt Locker.

You may know Kathryn Bigelow was the first female director to win an Oscar but did you know she was only the forth to be nominated? The other three nominees were Lina Wertmuller Seven Beauties (1975), Jane Campion The Piano (1993) and Sofia Coppola Lost in Translation (2003).

Campion lost best director to Steven Spielberg and Schindlers List but won for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ and her two leading ladies, Holly Hunger and the 11-year-old Anna Paquin won’ Best Actress’ and ‘Best Supporting Actress’.

Check out more at Film Annex

For Wild Magazine New York: Fiona Apple is Back – for Wild Magazine New York

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Fiona Apple returns

Fiona Apple is back

Fiona Apple is back enthralling fans live after a hiatus. It’s been five years since she played live and seven years since her last album.

“There was no hello. No small talk. No chatter. Instead, she began to spasm as her band cranked into the stop-start, piano-based jazz groove of ‘Fast as You Can,’ a jolt of energy … ” Rolling Stone’s Dan Hyman said about her show in Chicago last week.

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